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We know that finding quality, affordable pet care is important for pet parents, so we’re very open about our pet sitting rates and our pricing structure here at Ready Pet Go. “How much does pet sitting cost?” is often the first question we get from prospective clients. We’re always happy to tell our rates, but we also feel that it is important to let our clients know what is included as a part of that rate so that they can make a truly informed decision when choosing a pet sitter. Rates and pricing structure can vary considerably between different pet sitting companies as can the quality of care and the company’s policies and procedures. This means it’s important to consider a lot more than price when hiring a pet sitter. Some questions to ask are:

Does the pet sitter have experience caring for the types of pets you own?

Not all pet sitters have much experience caring for animals beyond dogs and cats. While the care of most other types of animals typically isn’t anymore complicated, it’s important that your pet sitter is familiar with your pet’s particular needs and behavior and that they can recognize when the animal is sick or injured. At Ready Pet Go we have training and experience caring for all types of pets including dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, birds, fish, horses, and other farm animals.

How long will the pet sitter be there each visit?

How long do your pets need a sitter there to have their needs for food, exercise, and attention met? 15 minutes? 30 minutes? An hour? Most pet sitting companies offer a standard visit of 20 to 30 minutes and charge you more if your pets need longer than that. At Ready Pet Go we don’t believe you can put a time limit on quality care, so we offer a flat rate per visit, and our pet sitters will be there for as long as your pets need us to be.

Is the pet sitter is fully bonded & insured?

This protects both you and the pet sitter and is something any professional sitter should have.

Ready Pet Go’s Pet Sitting Rates

At Ready Pet Go, we set our prices based on what we need to make in order to stay profitable as a business while paying our pet sitters a fair wage for the work they do. As a professional company, we have many business expenses, including insurance, taxes, registration fees, pet sitting supplies, staff training and certification, and advertising, which impact the rates we’re able to offer. We do our best to keep our pet sitting rates fair and reasonable and within the budget of most pet parents.

Our rate for pet sitting is typically $25-$30 per visit.

If you’d like to get an exact quote, please contact us or call 240-221-5335 to discuss your needs.