Dog Walking

Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Have a high energy dog who needs more exercise than you have time for? Does your dog need a mid-day break but you work long hours too far from home? Let Ready Pet Go do the dog walking. A daily walk satisfies your dog’s needs for both exercise and mental stimulation, leading to a happier, healthier, and often better behaved dog. Like all of our services, your dog’s walk is customized specifically for them.

Just a Few of the Features Our Walks Include:

Custom Schedules

Choose when and how often you want your dog walked. Book just an occasional walk on an as needed basis or sign up for a recurring weekly schedule.

Private Walks

Your dog gets their own private, personalized walk. This allows your dog walker to customize the length and pace of the walk to suit your dog’s individual needs and ensures your dog gets your dog walker’s full attention. If you have more than one dog, we can walk them separately or together depending on what works best for them.

Encouraging Good Manners

While we walk, we teach and reinforce loose leash walking and other good manners using positive reinforcement.


Walks are great, but for many dogs, nothing beats an active game of fetch. If you have a fenced yard, we’re happy to include off-leash playtime for your dog in addition to or instead of their walk.

Daily Updates

Have peace of mind while you’re at work knowing that your dog is happy and having fun. You can choose to receive daily updates by email or text message.

What Our Happy Customers Say:

Jolene the hound

Highly Recommend!

Lola Dawson

Ashley is great! My excitable, rescue hound looks forward to her twice weekly walks and has shown a lot of improvement on leash. Something she wasn’t very good with before Ashley came into her life. Ashley is reliable, responsible, always on time, never cancels, friendly but most of all the pooch LOVES her. Highly recommended! I cant say enough nice things about Ashley and her service.

Finn the labrador

Very Reliable

Jennifer Lakatos

Ashley is very reliable and takes wonderful care of my dog.

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Dog Walking Rates

We offer three different types of walks to suit different dogs and their needs. For all our walks, you can save 10% by signing up for a recurring schedule of 2 or more walks per week.

Potty Break – $20

Perfect for older or low energy dogs who don’t need as much exercise or puppies needing multiple, shorter visits while house training. Potty breaks are short 15-minute walks — enough time for your dog to do their business and get some light exercise.

Promenade – $30

Our most popular type of walk. Our promenade walks are 30 minutes to give your dog a good workout and break up their day while you’re away.

Power Hour -$50

For those dogs with seemingly boundless energy, our power hour visits are the answer! Let us take your dog from bouncing off the walls to dog tired with 60 minutes of brisk walking or high intensity playtime.

Ready to get the ball rolling on a wagnificent walking experience for your dog?

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