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We are owners of a variety of animals, most rescues, and all aged. We have used various resources in the past for animal care when we are traveling. Friends, neighbors and boarding facilities. We have experienced anything from adequate care to coming home to urine soaked carpets because the pet care person forgot to check in on the animals a few times.

This past September we had to investigate a different option because our beloved dog is now almost 14 years old and has poor vision and hearing. A boarding kennel was out of the question. My son (a veterinarian) looked online and suggested that we give Ashley a call and see if home care would be a good option. Ashley came to our house (on time) for the initial meeting and went over our pet care routine.

We have three cats that hate each other, and stay in different area of our house (one outside).We have four old goats. And a very old dog, that needs a lot of help and supervision getting in and out of the house. I lost sleep over leaving our pets for a week of vacation. Is it possible that there is someone out there that can, and is willing, to take on our complicated menagerie? We had Ashley back the day before we left, and gave her two keys to our house.

After we got to the beach, we got a text from Ashley that all was well, and everyone was doing great. At this point I was able to relax and enjoy my time at the beach. We got texts every couple of days. All good. When we got home, our house was just as we left it. Mail was picked up. Most importantly our pets were all happy and non stressed. (I think they might have even been a little disappointed that it was us coming through the door, and not Ashley). It is no small thing to have someone who is reliable and trustworthy to care for our pets. Thank you, Ashley. You are now our go to pet sitter!