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So what does no time limit on pet sitting visits mean? At Ready Pet Go, it means our pet sitters and dog walkers will be there with your pets for as long as it takes to keep them happy and healthy!

The current standard in the pet sitting industry is to charge by time, with a typically visit being 30-minutes. But if you truly believe that pets are all unique individuals (we do!), is time really a fair and reasonable way to measure the value of quality pet care?

We frequently see pets who are scared, nervous or upset that their owners are gone; it’s typically nothing that a little love and patience (and treats!) from the pet sitter can’t fix, but that takes —you guessed it —TIME. And if takes 15 minutes for the pet sitter to form a bond with a nervous dog that leaves only 15 minutes for a walk in a 30-minute visit. But it’s not just nervous pets who need extra time, sometimes it’s sick pets who need to be taken to the vet, pet messes that need to be cleaned up, high-energy dogs that need an extra lap around the block on their walk. Sometimes it’s not the pets but the house that needs attention from our pet sitters, we’ve dealt with leaking pipes, broken furnaces, and fallen tree limbs in the past. If we charged by time in all these cases, we’d either have to leave the job when the time was up, or send the client an extra bill for extra time.

So instead of watching the clock (and possibly leaving you with an extra bill), our pet sitters are at your home for however long it takes for us to meet your pets’ needs for attention, love, and exercise and complete anything else you need us to as part of their personal routines. Your pets and home have our undivided attention while we’re there, and we don’t leave until they’re happy and everything’s in order. And you never get a surprise bill. We take care of everything and provide a full quality service, guaranteed.

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