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Vacation season is here! Are you already missing your pets… even though you haven’t departed yet?

It’s tough to enjoy your trip if you’ll be worrying about your pets the whole time. Here at Ready Pet Go, we specialize in helping loving pet owners feel good about leaving their pets behind. These tips will help you survive – yes, even enjoy – vacation without your pets.

Choose the Right Type of Care for Your Pets

You have a lot of options for your pet’s care while you’re away, each with their pros and cons, and some better suited to certain types of pets than others. Think about your pet’s personality and needs, and choose the type of care that you feel will best and least stressful for them.

Your first decision to think about is whether your pet would be happiest at home with a pet sitter coming to care for them there or boarded somewhere else, such as a kennel, daycare facility, or a pet sitter’s home. Pet sitting in your home works well for pretty much all types of pets, but is especially good for pets who don’t like being in an unfamiliar environment, such as most cats and some dogs. If you have a social dog who loves playing with other dogs, boarding at a daycare facility can be a great option, provided the facility is well-run. And staying at a pet sitter’s home can be good for dogs who do better with few or no other dogs. Traditional boarding kennels where a pet is kept in a small cage or run tend to be stressful for all pets.

Once you’ve decided on where your pet will be the happiest while you’re gone, you’ll need to find the right sitter or boarding facility to care for them. Start by asking around for recommendations or looking at reviews online, then visit facilities or interview pet sitters to find the right one for your pet. We’ve compiled a great list of questions to ask any pet sitter you’re considering hiring. When looking at boarding or daycare facilities, check that they are clean, that they take precautions not to have too many dogs together in one room, and that they have attentive, well-trained staff. Consider scheduling a trial day at the boarding facility or a trial visit with your pet sitter before your vacation to make sure your pet will be happy with them.

Make Plans in Advance

While you might be able to schedule last-minute pet care, it’s always best to plan ahead. The summer is a busy time for pet sitters and boarding facilities. Make accommodations a few weeks in advance to avoid scrambling for pet care at the last-minute while you’re busy packing for your trip.

Strive for Consistency

When you’re not around, your pet will find some comfort in their usual routine. Talk to your pet sitter or boarding facility staff about regular mealtimes, walks, and play. If you’re boarding your pet, bring their bed and regular food from home.

Know You’re Making the Low-Stress Choice

Travel can be incredibly stressful for many pets. They don’t realize that vacations are supposed to be fun. Being in the comfort of their own home with a pet sitter visits or playing with friends at daycare could be much more fun for them than traveling.

Vacation without pets means you’ll have full access to non-pet-friendly stores and restaurants. You won’t have to worry about your pet running away or getting sick without access to your vet. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying a low-stress vacation without your pets – you’ll be able to spoil them as soon as you return.

Ask for Daily Updates

When you’re waking up to a blaring hotel alarm clock, rather than a hungry meow or sloppy kisses, and when you’re going to sleep in clean hotel sheets with no furry cuddle-buddy… you’re going to miss them the most.

Daily updates really take the edge off. Your pet sitter will be happy to provide photos and email or text updates, and many boarding facilities will as well. Daycares typically will also have webcams set up in their playrooms where you can login and see what your dog is up to at any time.

Your Pets Will Not Forget About You!

Your pet will have a great time at daycare or with their pet sitter! At daycare, your dog will have a blast running around and playing with friends. And as your pets get to know their pet sitter, they’ll look forward to visits. Your dog will wag like crazy when their sitter comes to take them on a fun walk. Your cat will be just as happy purring away with her stand-in cuddle-buddy.

But they won’t forget about you. As much as your pet will love their pet sitter or their buddies at daycare, they will always love you the most!

Get Professional Vacation Pet Care

Ready Pet Go is your source for professional pet sitting services in Takoma Park and Silver Spring, MD and Washington, DC. With our customized care routines, daily updates, and easy online scheduling, you can relax and enjoy your vacation, knowing that your pets are in good hands. Get in touch to schedule a Meet & Greet!