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It’s that time of year for gathering with family members and remembering why we’re fortunate to have one another. Holiday season is busy – but not so busy that we can’t spread that cheer to our animal family members.

It doesn’t take much to make our beloved pets feel special, even if they’ll never understand how much joy they bring us throughout the year.

1. Take a Nap Together

As the nights get chillier, more and more people and pets start huddling together under the covers to share body heat. If you don’t allow pets in your bed at night, find time to take a nap with them during the day. You can lay a blanket on the floor to breaking your own household rules about pets on the furniture. Sleeping is an important part of bonding in the animal kingdom. You’ll wake up refreshed and more in love with your pets than ever. If you’ve never tried it, get ready for the best nap of your life!

2. Bake a New Holiday Treat

If you bake over the holidays, your house is going to smell amazing. Your pets, with their enhanced sense of smell, are probably spending a lot of time with you in the kitchen, waiting for something to fall on the floor.

Why not make some pet-friendly treats, too? You can adapt many of your traditional holiday recipes so you won’t have to go out and buy special ingredients. Research each ingredient to make sure it’s safe for your pets. Raisins are toxic to dogs and cats. Cut back on sugar, and try these flour alternatives for a healthier treat.

3. Get One-on-One Time

When you have multiple pets, it can be tough to spend time with each of them individually. However, when you do, you’ll be sure to make each pet feel special. Take turns with your family members so all of your pets feel included. You can take your dogs on solo walks in the park, or snuggle with your cat without having your other pets trying to take her spot.

4. Go on an Autumn Adventure

With crunchy leaves on the ground and that special fall aroma in the air, an outdoor adventure is sure to make a wonderful experience for your pets. With dogs, it’s easy – just grab a leash, harness and waste bags, plus some treats and a doggy backpack for extra fun.

Almost any type of pet can be fitted with a harness and a leash. However, for first-timers, a simple backyard outing would be enough of an adventure.

A long line, or a 30 to 50 foot leash, allows your pet to explore without feeling constrained, even if they don’t reliably come when called off-leash.

5. Take a Family Photo

As the years go by, it might be difficult to remember what your family looked like without a family photo that includes every family member. There are a variety of holiday photo shoots you can bring your pets to in the Maryland/DC area. If you can’t bring your pets to a photo studio, you can hire a freelance photographer to visit you at home. With good lighting, even a snapshot with a phone camera can work. Matching sweaters are optional, but strongly encouraged.

We’re Thankful for Your Pets Too!

The professional pet sitters and dog walkers at Ready Pet Go are thankful for being a part of your pets’ lives. We can’t wait for another year of great visits.

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