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A professional pet sitter will provide loving, quality care for your pets and home when you can’t be there. Be prepared with everything you need to make things go smoothly while you’re away.

1. Keep your information up to date.

If you’ve used a pet sitter in the past, make sure they have your current contact information, and that the care and feeding instructions for your pets are up to date. If your sitter uses an online system, check and update your profile as necessary before every trip.

2. Leave more than enough supplies.

Calculate how much food, medications, litter, etc. your pets will need for the number of days you’ll be gone and leave a little extra just in case. That way if for any reason you don’t make it home on time, your pet sitter will have everything your pets need, and when you do return you don’t have to run to the store right away to restock.

3. Make it easy for your pet sitter to find everything they need.

Food and treats should be near food and water bowls, litter scoop and extra litter near the litter box, leash and harness by the door. For cats, leave a carrier near the other supplies so your pet sitter doesn’t have to hunt for it if your cat needs to be taken to the vet in an emergency.

4. Be prepared in case of emergency.

Notify your vet that a pet sitter will be caring for your pets. Think about how you would like your pet sitter to handle an emergency medical situation if you cannot be reached, particularly if your pet is elderly or has a medical condition. Emergency vet bills can be quite high, so give your pet sitter an emergency release stating how you’d like your pet cared for in an emergency and how much you are willing to spend. Provide your pet sitter with at least one emergency contact in case you can’t be reached.

5. Pet proof your home.

Make sure gates are closed and doors are shut to any areas you don’t want your pets having access to. Pick up and put away anything hazardous or dangerous or that you wouldn’t want your pets getting into. Close toilet lids. If you have a young puppy, it may be best to crate them when no one is there to keep them from getting into or chewing things they’re not supposed to. Make sure your thermostat is set for your pets’ comfort while you’re gone.

6. Notify your pet sitter about visitors.

It’s best if your pet sitter is the only one entering your home while you’re away, but if you have a friend or relative coming to check on your pets or a house cleaner, repair person, or landscaper coming to do work while you’re gone, make sure your pet sitter knows who they are, when they’ll be there, and how to contact them if there’s a problem.

7. Secure your home.

Make sure all outside doors are shut and locked. Instruct your pet sitter to bring in the mail and newspaper, set your lights on timers or have your sitter alternate them to make your home appear occupied.

Have a wonderful trip knowing your pets and home are in good hands!

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