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The Christmas season is upon us, and many of us are decorating our homes and getting ready for the Holidays. Whether you have pets of your own or you’ll be hosting relatives with pets, it’s important to keep pet safety in mind so that everyone can have a Merry Christmas.

The Christmas Tree

Securely anchor your Christmas tree so your pets can knock it over. One trick is to put a hook in the wall near the tree or the ceiling above the tree or and use fishing line to tie the middle or top of the tree to the hook. Cover the tree water with a tree skirt to prevent pets from drinking the tree water which can contain fertilizers or preservatives that leach from the tree.

Tinsel and Ornaments

Cats love to play with shiny, stringy things, but playing with tinsel can lead to swallowing and they can get stuck in a cat’s digestive tract, possibly requiring surgery to remove. Also keep breakable ornaments and any decorations with small parts out of your pet’s reach.


Electrical wires can be tempting to chew on, especially for puppies and kittens, and can deliver a potentially deadly shock if a pet bites through them. Skip the indoor Christmas lights or use caution and keep them out of pets’ reach.

Christmas Plants

Poinsettias, holly, mistletoe, lilies, and amaryllis can all be harmful to pets if ingested. Depending on the plant and the amount ingested, eating these plants can anything from mild indigestion to more severe health problems, and even death.

Holiday Foods

Some foods can be harmful for pets to eat. Keep chocolate, fatty foods, poultry bones, and alcohol away from pets. Also secure the lids on garbage cans and instruct your guests not to leave plates of food unattended where pets can get to them.

A Quiet Space

Finally, all the commotion of holiday parties can be stressful for some pets. Have a cozy, quiet area of the house for your pet to retreat to if needed.

Have a safe and happy Christmas season!

If you’ll be away from home over the Christmas season, a professional pet sitter can keep your pets safe and happy while you’re gone. Give Ready Pet Go a call at 240-221-5335 or contact us online to discuss your holiday pet care needs.