Accessing Your Home

We’ll need a reliable and secure way to access your home to provide services.

Preferred Options:

  • Keyless Entry – Give us a code to unlock a keyless entry system at your home, such as an electronic door lock or garage door. If you choose keyless entry, we recommend you provide us with a backup option (lock box or a spare key to keep on file) in case of power failure or malfunction.
  • Provide Your Own Lock Box – Purchase your own lock box for your keys and install it outside your home. Set your own code and let us know the code and location of the lockbox. For your convenience, we have lockboxes available for purchase for $20.
  • Use a Ready Pet Go Provided Lock Box – If you do not wish to purchase a lock box, we can provide one at no cost and install it at the location of your choosing on your property. With this option, Ready Pet Go will set the code to the lock box and only our staff will have access to it.

Alternate Options:

We understand that clients living in apartments or condos may not be allowed to install lock boxes or keyless entry systems. In such cases, we offer the following alternatives:

  • Pick-up Keys from Concierge – If you live in a building with a full-time concierge, you can leave your keys with them for us to pick up each visit.
  • Keys on File – If none of the other key options are viable, you can give us keys to keep on file. Please provide two copies of all keys required for access, including any gate/perimeter keys/fobs. An additional fee may apply to cover the logistics of key handling.

Please have your keys, lockbox, and/or keyless entry set up and ready for us to test out at the Meet & Greet.


Our staff will need a parking spot near your home for visits. Please provide us with any necessary visitor permits to park in your building’s lot or on your street. If free, legal parking is not available on or near your property, there will be an additional charge to cover the cost of paid parking and/or additional time to walk to your home.

Scheduling Pet Care

You can request pet care services through our online scheduling system. We ask that you keep your online profile up to date with your contact information, information about your pets, and pet care instructions. Services are scheduled on a first come, first served basis, so it is recommended that you book services as far in advance as possible in order to obtain pet care services on the dates you desire.


We accept credit/debit cards and ACH (e-check) through our online scheduling system. Our online scheduling system securely stores your credit card or bank account information, and you are charged only if your booking is approved. For our dog walking plans, payments are charged 3 days before the first day of each month. We also accept Bitcoin.


We understand that unexpected things come up sometimes that may require you to cancel your pet care service. We appreciate as much notice as possible for cancellations. In order to run an efficient business, we have implemented the following cancellation policy:

  • If a service is cancelled with more than 24 hours’ notice, no cancellation fee will be charged.
  • If a service is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged
  • Services canceled with less than 2 hours’ notice will be charged the full amount.

Minimum Visits for Pet Sitting

Our utmost priority is the health, safety, and well-being of your furry companions. To guarantee they receive the exceptional care they deserve while you’re away, we have a minimum visit policy tailored to the unique needs of different types of pets.


  • Puppies under 1 year or dogs who are crated in between visits: A minimum of 4 visits per day is required. We understand that puppies and crated dogs require extra attention and frequent breaks to ensure their happiness and well-being.
  • All other dogs: A minimum of 3 visits per day is necessary to meet their exercise, feeding, and potty needs.


  • Kittens under 6 months: We require a minimum of 3 visits per day to cater to their needs for more frequent meals and their boundless energy.
  • All other cats: A minimum of 2 visits per day to provide them with ample care, attention, and companionship.

All Other Pets

  • For the well-being of all pets, including birds, fish, reptiles, and small mammals, a minimum of 1 visit per day is required. This visit ensures their environment remains clean, they receive proper nutrition, and they are given the attention they deserve.

Note that these minimums only apply to full days that you are away, not the days you leave and return from your trip, and overnight pet sitting stays count as two visits, since your pet sitter provides care in both the evening and the next morning during overnight stays.

Return Home Confirmation

Once you have returned home from an out-of-town trip, please let us know. If we don’t receive confirmation that you have returned home and are not able to reach you, we will continue to visit and care for your pets and home on their regular schedule. The additional trips will be added to your bill at your regular rate.

Others with Access to Your Home

If there will be anyone else in your home while you’re away, such as a friend, relative, or cleaning service, please let us know. We are typically providing service when people are away, and it can be startling to walk into what we were expecting to be an empty home and finding someone we’ve never met there. During overnight pet sitting stays, for the safety and comfort of our pet sitters, there must not be anyone else in the home.

Pet Training

We are happy to be consistent with any training your pet has received, provided it is safe and humane. We will not use harsh, force-based, fear-based, or painful training techniques including, but not limited to, hitting, yelling, alpha rolls, physical molding, choke chains, prong collars, and electric collars.

Dog Walking Equipment & Safety

We ask that you provide a comfortable, well-fitted, secure collar or harness for walking your dog. We will not walk dogs off-leash or use choke chains, prong collars, or other aversive equipment. If you don’t already have a suitable collar or harness for your dog, we are happy to provide you with a list of wonderful options for collars and harnesses and help you in selecting the best one for them.

We understand that many dogs occasionally will pull while on leash, and do not expect 100% perfect leash manners from our furry clients. However, strong or excessive pulling, especially from larger dogs, poses risks we can’t accept. If your dog knocks us down or drags us by the leash, it endangers all parties. The same goes for reactive dogs that display aggression or over-excitement towards people, dogs, or other animals or objects while out on a walk.

We will notify you promptly if we have any safety concerns about your dog’s behavior on leash and discuss options for us to continue services. For mild to moderate issues, this could mean simply changing the type of collar or harness used for walking. For more severe cases, training from a professional, positive reinforcement dog trainer may be necessary before we can safely continue walks. We are happy to provide referrals to some great, local trainers if you need one.

We can also provide playtime in your yard as an alternative to walking your dog for their exercise and potty break, or have playtime indoors with a short on-leash potty break outside if you don’t have a yard.

Inclement Weather

Occasionally, heavy snow or other inclement weather may make it unsafe or impossible for our staff to get to your home on time for your scheduled visits. We will never cancel pet sitting visits due to inclement weather, but we may need to come earlier or later than originally scheduled or make other adjustments to our service. When bad weather is in the forecast while we’re pet sitting for you, we’ll reach out to you to let you know and discuss with you what will be the best option to ensure your pets get the care they need, while also ensuring your pet sitter can get to and from your home safely.

For dog walks, we may occasionally need to cancel daily dog walks due to inclement weather. We only do this when the weather is bad enough that our clients are likely staying home from work too. You will receive an account credit when walks are cancelled by Ready Pet Go.