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The past few years have seen an amazing assortment of technologies that make our lives better, easier and more entertaining. Our beloved pets must think we’re wizards when they see us using existing technology. They’re going to be even more blown away as the latest advancements slowly become part of our daily lives.

Check out some of the latest pet innovations that you will likely start seeing a lot more of in the upcoming year.

Catolet – The Flushable Toilet for Cats and Small Dogs

It’s finally happening – a flushable pet toilet is now available for pre-order on KickStarter that hooks up to your plumbing. Instead of litter, the Catolet has a conveyor system that allows liquids to pass through, and crushes solid wastes before pumping it out to your sewage system. It’s equipped with sensors to detect when your pet finishes their business, then it flushes. An ultraviolet disinfection system keeps the Catolet clean between uses.

Waggit Health Tracker for Dogs

The Waggit Health Tracker is a dog collar that collects information such as heart rate, temperature and activity level. You can track the information from your phone using the Waggit app, and get alerted of any sudden changes in their condition. The built-in GPS tracker lets you know your dog’s location at any time. Dogs do not always have obvious symptoms when they’re getting sick. With this health tracker you can quickly detect changes in their health and get treatment right away.

iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher

The future has arrived – dogs are playing fetch by themselves. Your dog drops a ball into the top of the iFetch, and it will shoot out 10-40 feet, depending on which model you choose.

The Dog Parker

Have you ever been out with your dog, and wished you could “park” them for just a few minutes so you could go into a store? The Dog Parker is a temperature-controlled, self-cleaning, locked dog house that allows you to keep your dog safe while you shop. These are popping up in major cities outside stores. It costs 20 cents per minute, there’s even a camera inside you can use to monitor your pup on your phone.

Disco Dog

The Disco Dog vest is covered in hundreds of LED lights. You can use your phone to control the colors and patterns, and even customize scrolling messages so your dog can be a walking marquee. What’s more, the vest automatically displays the text, “Lost Dog” when your dog is far away from you.

CleverPet Gaming Console

CleverPet entertains, challenges and stimulates your pets when you’re not around with 12 levels of progressively difficult games. Pets tap the light-up touch-pads to solve puzzles. When they’re successful, CleverPet releases treats or kibble. This gaming console isn’t just for dogs and cats, it’s also been used with elephants, donkeys and pigs.

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