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Making preparations for your dog’s care while you are away is a stressful process. You not only will miss them, but also find yourself worrying about their daily care. When your dog is a senior, the idea of placing them in a strange kennel with different people watching over them is an even more overwhelming task for you to have to think about.

That’s where hiring a pet sitter comes in. Although your dog may have done well staying at a kennel during their younger years, as a dog gets older, introducing them to a new and strange environment can not only increase their levels of anxiety, but could be taxing on their health. Using a pet sitter to watch over your senior dog can help eliminate your dog’s anxiety because it allows them to stay in their own home. This type of care even has several benefits.

First, since the sitter comes into your home, your dog does not have to compete with other dogs for attention as they would if they were in a kennel. There’s no constant barking or strange noises that will bother them.

Second, the sitter will give your dog more personalized attention and the one-on-one interaction with your dog will make them feel less lonely while you’re away. This one-on-one action also allows the sitter to know if something is “off” or going wrong with your dog, so they can get them help more quickly.

Finally, since your dog is staying in their own home, the sitter can work with you to create a schedule that closely follows your dog’s normal routine. This means they can have his meals the way they like, participate in normal playtime, and even still go sniff out their favorite places when the sitter takes them out for “potty time” and their walk.

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