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At Ready Pet Go, providing your pets with reliable, top-quality care is important to us, and our key policies and procedures have been designed with this, as well as your home’s security in mind. Our policy regarding keys is that clients must give us two copies of their house key(s) before they can schedule service with us.

Why does Ready Pet Go need two copies of my keys?

Having two keys on file allows us to ensure consistent, reliable care of your pets no matter what. Your pet sitter will keep the first copy to use for entering your home for pet sitting visits, and the other will be kept in our office as a backup, in case of accidental lockout or for a backup pet sitter to use if your regular pet sitter has a personal emergency and won’t be able to care for your pets.

What if I don’t have two copies of my key available?

If you don’t have two copies of your keys to give your pet sitter at your Meet-and-Greet, then for an additional fee, your pet sitter can either make copies for you or come back to pick them up at a later.

Can I just leave a key under my doormat or in another hidden location?

This poses a security risk to your pets and home as well as to our pet sitters if an unauthorized person was to find the key and enter your home. It is also a liability for us if the key were to go missing. For these reasons our policy is to only pick-up keys in person.

Can I leave my key in a secure lockbox outside my house and give my pet sitter the code?

We keep your key on file rather than using lockboxes to ensure reliable, consistent care of your pets. If you forget to put the key in the lockbox or someone else who has access to the lockbox takes it out, we will not be able to get into your home. Lockboxes are also prone to freezing or rusting shut, and they can damage the door or doorknob they’re attached to.

Can I just give my pet sitter access to the house with a garage door code?

Garage codes are not a reliable way of ensuring access to the home. Power failures happen. Garage doors malfunction. We need to be able to get into your home reliably. If you would prefer your pet sitter to enter your home via the garage we are happy to accommodate that request, but we still require two copies of your key as a backup.

I don’t keep my doors locked. Does Ready Pet Go still need my keys?

For the safety of your pets and home and of our pet sitters, we require that all doors to your home be locked during your absence. While you may live in a relatively low crime area and feel comfortable leaving your doors unlocked, this is not a risk we, as a company that is responsible for keeping your pets and home safe in your absence, are willing to take.

I’ll always be home when my pet sitter visits. Does Ready Pet Go still need my keys?

Occasionally we get dog walking requests from clients who work from home or pet sitting requests from clients who are home but who can’t do certain pet care tasks themselves. These are the only cases where we make exceptions to our key requirements. However, since keys copies are inexpensive to have made, we do recommend that these clients give us a key to keep on file for their own convenience, just in case something comes up and they won’t be home.

How will Ready Pet Go label my keys?

We protect your privacy and security by labeling keys with a serial number so that only to our staff knows what house the keys belong to. We NEVER put any identifying information, like your name, address, or phone number, on the key so that in the unlikely event your pet sitter were to lose your key, anyone who finds it would have no way of knowing what house it goes to.

What if my pet sitter loses my key?

We invest in high-quality, heavy-duty key rings with a belt attachment to ensure that your keys stay securely on your pet sitter’s person when she’s carrying them and put your keys away in a locked key cabinet when we’re not using them. If despite these security measures, your pet sitter loses your key, you will be notified immediately. We will offer to have your locks re-keyed by a professional locksmith which is covered by our insurance. Our key tags are also labeled with our business phone number and instructions to call if found, so that anyone who finds the lost key can return it to us.

How do I get my keys back if I want them returned?

For a fee, we can return your keys is via certified mail. This is a secure method of returning keys because it requires the letter carrier to get your signature on delivery, so the keys will not be left in your mailbox or on your front porch.

We know that giving someone the keys to your home is not something to be done lightly. We want you to be able to trust that your keys, home, and pets are in good hands, so please contact us or give us a call at 240-397-9446 to get to know us. We’ll answer any questions you may have and schedule a Meet & Greet with your pet sitter.