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Planning a vacation, a weekend getaway, or a business trip and wondering: What about my pets? Most pet parents have experienced the sheer panic of scurrying to find someone who is going to take care of their pets with the same level of love and diligence as they do. And, if that person can’t be found, those getaway plans might just have to wait until another time.

A professional pet sitter will alleviate your stress and allow you to plan – and to enjoy – your time away.

Remain in the comfort of home.

Dorothy said it best: “There’s no place like home.” And, that’s especially true for most pets, who thrive in the comfort of familiar surroundings. When you hire a professional pet sitter, your beloved pets will remain at home to sleep in their own beds, play with their own toys, and eat and drink from their own bowls. Putting pets in a kennel or boarding facility often results in stress from travel and the transition from home to an unfamiliar place.

Maintain a normal schedule.

Most animals thrive on routine. They instinctively know when it’s time to wake up in the morning, mealtimes, and play time. Prior to scheduling visits, you will discuss how you want your professional pet sitter to care for your pets. You may request that your pet sitter rotates your pets’ toys every time she visits so they don’t become bored. You may schedule visits to coincide with meal time. A professional pet sitter allows your pets to maintain a sense of normalcy.

Enjoy plenty of one-on-one time.

A professional pet sitter is there to care for your pets. During the pet sitting visit, the pet sitter’s top concern is your pets’ happiness, health, and care. That means your pets will receive the care and affection to which they’ve become accustomed and they don’t have to compete for attention like the pets in a boarding facility.

Receive medication and specialized care.

Pets who require medication typically must have it at the same time each day. Your professional pet sitter will ensure your pets get their medication exactly as you have instructed. And, if your pets have specialized needs – such as separation anxiety – you can book overnight visits. Overnight visits allow your pets to be with the professional pet sitter, who brings her own necessities with her, and for you to relax knowing they are in capable, experienced hands.

Ensure the safety of your pets and your home.

If your pet becomes ill or injured, your professional pet sitter will act immediately by contacting you immediately or by taking your pet to the vet, depending on your agreement. She will also ensure the safety of your home by turning lights on and off and bringing in garbage cans to give the appearance that someone is at home. And, at the end of each day, you will receive an email letting you know that your beloved pets are happy and healthy and your home is secure.

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