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When the ball drops at midnight, most of us are thinking about how we’ll improve ourselves in the new year. More exercise, better job, more money – but it’s also the perfect time to think about becoming an even better pet owner.

If our pets could talk, here’s what they would tell us to resolve upon in the new year:

“Spend more time doing nothing with us.”

Your non-pet-related resolutions are probably ambitious, and will keep you busy through year – or at least the first week of January. The rush to improve, work harder, slim down and study more quickly leads to burnout.

Remember to take a break from it all every day. Sit with your pets. snuggle under a blanket. See what they’re watching through the window. Stretch, bask in the sun and enjoy the peace. Time is never wasted when you’re enjoying a quiet, unproductive moment with your animals.

“Give us more fresh foods.”

While commercially prepared kibbles and canned foods are nutritionally complete, your pets can benefit from fresh additions to their meals. They’ll love the change of pace.

You can add bone broth to your dog or cat’s food for extra flavor and nutrition. It’s great for your pet’s digestive system and helps fight joint pain and stiffness in older animals. There’s premade, seasoning and salt-free bone broth made for pets, or you can make it at home.

Most fruits and vegetables are good for dogs and cats. Limit sugary fruits like pineapple and mango. Carrots, peas, kale, spinach and apples are great for snacks or meal add-ins.

“Take us with you.”

Let this year be the year of taking your pets on adventures. You can take your dog to local dog parks, on hikes, downtown, or just to a friend’s house. Your cat might want to join in, too. Some cats don’t mind being walked around on a harness, or would love to see the world from a cat stroller or atop your shoulders.

“Keep our teeth clean.”

Most cats and dogs are suffering from preventable dental diseases like gingivitis and periodontal disease. A rotting mouth leaks bacteria into the digestive system and can affect the heart, the liver, and the entire body. Save on vet bills by keeping up with your pets’ teeth.

If the hassle of forcing a brush in your cat or dog’s mouth is making dental care difficult, you can explore brushless options like gels, chews and water additives.

“Be patient with us.”

In the new year, there’s a strong chance that your pets are going to do things that you won’t like. No matter how well-trained an animal is, they will make mistakes. Sometimes, you’ll be working on a training issue on a while and won’t see much progress. You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches when you keep in mind that animals never mean to be spiteful. Issues with training are usually due to fear, anxiety, lapses in communication, not enough or the wrong kind of motivation. Don’t give up!

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