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Looking for new, special ways to make your pets happy and healthy? These pet parent life hacks will make it easier than ever to spoil the animals you love – while you save time and money.

1. Store kibble in a dispenser, but don’t take it out of the bag.

For easy pouring, store your pet food in a dispenser, new trashcan, or pitcher without taking it out of the bag. Keeping the food in the original packaging prevents oxidation, which makes the food go bad quicker. If you do not clean the container before each refill, the oils will stick to the inside. These leftover oils can become rancid and your pet may refuse to eat or get sick. Simply replace the food bag to keep the container clean without washing each time.

2. Wrap tape around your hand, sticky side out.

The sticky side of the tape removes fur from your clothes and furniture – great for when you don’t have a lint roller handy.

3. Leave your pet’s name off their tag.

Use the extra space for an alternative phone number or email address. Inscribing your pet’s name on their tag could make it easier for strangers to steal them.

4. Use a rope toy to apply toothpaste.

If your dog likes the flavor of their enzymatic dog toothpaste or coconut oil, but hates having their teeth scrubbed, ditch and brush and rub it into a rope bone. Then, play tug so the fibers of the toy will reach between their fangs and behind their molars.

5. Turn old Easter eggs into cat toys.

Cats love to bat around those plastic toy Easter eggs. Punch a hole in the side and insert treats so your cat will have to chase the egg to get their dry food.

6. Make hundreds of training treats in a Pyramid Pan.

Tasty, tiny treats are the key to teaching your pets new tricks and modifying behavior, but they can get expensive, and many commercial options are unhealthy. Try this recipe using a silicone Pyramid Pan to quickly make over 500 treats for your cat or dog.

7. Eliminate itching with apple cider vinegar.

Mix a 50/50 solution of organic apple cider vinegar and water into a spray bottle and apply to your pet’s red, itchy skin or areas they lick and scratch. Common itchy spots include the paws, tail and belly. The solution soothes inflammation and kills yeast that causes itching. Do not apply to broken skin, as it will sting.

8. File instead of cut for smoothly trimmed nails.

When you use a standard nail clipper to trim your cat or dog’s nails, the blade may crush or squeeze the nail, especially if it’s not sharpened regularly. Clippers also create sharp, irregular edges. Many pets are more comfortable with having their nails grinded with a Dremel sanding tool once they have been conditioned to tolerate the sound and vibration. Not all Dremel tools are appropriate for pets – if you’re unsure, get a Pet Dremel.

9. Use a carabiner to clip your leash to anything.

Hook a carabiner to the loop handle of your leash – you’ll find endless uses for it. You can clip the carabiner to your belt loop to make a hands-free leash, or use it to tie up your dog when you sit down at a park bench or to eat on a dog-friendly restaurant patio.

10. Use a crib mattress as a pet bed.

Losing sleep because your pets love your bed? The best way to convince them to leave you alone at night is to provide a comfy equivalent. Baby mattresses are roomy, and you could get one for free or cheap when a friend’s baby outgrows it.

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