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Halloween is right around the corner. It’s time to get started on making plans and getting costumes. Don’t forget your four-legged family members! Here’s how you can make the fall season fun for your pets too.

Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween

Halloween night is very stressful for most pets. If your neighborhood is full of children, they’ll be ringing the doorbell all night. When you open the door to hand out candy, your pets might try to escape, especially if they’re spooked by kids in costumes. Make sure your pets have up-to-date identification.

Get a baby gate to keep your pets away from the door or keep them in a safe, quiet room. You can also assign a member of the family to hand out candy on the porch.

Many of the foods known to be dangerous for dogs are also dangerous for cats – though dogs are more likely to sneak a few bites.

Chocolate is bad for both dogs and cats. The theobromine in chocolate causes a rapid heartbeat, vomiting, seizures and death. Also watch out for grapes and raisins. Even small amounts can cause kidney failure.

Xylitol, a sugar-free sweetener, is extremely poisonous to dogs. It’s found in sugar-free gum and candy.

To be safe, keep all candy away from your pets.

Dressing up Your Pet?

Some animals love to wear costumes because of the extra attention they get. Don’t try your pet’s costumes on for the first time on Halloween. Get your costumes as early as possible so you can train your pet to enjoy it. Start with very short sessions and use lots of treats and praise.

Keep costumes simple. Avoid anything with small parts your pet could chew off and swallow. Many animals do not feel comfortable with hats and headpieces.

On Halloween, take the costume off if your pet will be unattended. Make sure they do not get overheated. If your pet doesn’t like costumes, a cute collar or neckerchief can be just as festive.

Celebrating at Fall Events with Your Pet

Well-behaved, leashed dogs are often welcome at local Halloween parades or can join you and your kids when trick-or-treating. Be extra cautious around Halloween; scary costumes and decorations can do more harm than good for your dog’s socialization.

Some cats may also enjoy being included in Halloween activities. You’ll need a pet stroller or cat harness and leash for safety.

When Pets Aren’t Allowed, Count on Ready Pet Go!

You can also enjoy autumn events that are not pet-friendly. Your professional pet sitter from Ready Pet Go will make sure your pets can have just as much fun in the comfort of their own home. Call or contact us to set up a Meet & Greet today.