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With the temperature rising, give these creative ideas to keep your dog cool a try.

doggy bandana neck cooler1. Doggy Bandana Neck Cooler

Moisten your dog’s bandana, then keep it in the freezer until the next hot day. Tie the bandana around your dog’s neck to keep him cool. You’ll want to avoid soaking the bandana before freezing it, or it may become too stiff to tie.

2. Homemade Cooling Pads

If you find your dog taking naps belly-down on cool tile floors, he’d probably love a cooling pad to snuggle up with when he’s feeling hot. You can use a sewing machine to create the hot/cold therapy rice sack from Mom Spark. If you don’t sew, you can just fill a long tube sock with rice and tie off the end. Freeze your rice sack for a few hours for a cooling pad that retains coolness without risk of frostbite.You shouldn’t leave your dog unattended with the rice cooling pad unless you’re 100% sure he won’t tear it open.

3. Homemade Frozen Dog Snacks

You’ve probably noticed how much better you feel after eating an ice cream cone on a hot day. Dogs also feel cooler when enjoying frozen treats. Since they have to lick instead of chomp, frozen treats tend to last longer than other snacks, and they keep your dog occupied.You can freeze almost anything to create frozen doggy snacks. Plain yogurt, xylitol-free peanut butter, chopped fruits and veggies, soaked kibble, shredded meats, meat broth and stock are just a few tasty ingredients that you can use to create your own doggy popsicle recipes.Freeze ingredients in an ice cube tray or small plastic containers to make snack-size “pupsicles.” Or, fill and freeze your dog’s Kong toy for less mess.

doggy cooling vest4. DIY Cargo Pants Cooling Vest

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, this Instructables Doggy Cooling vest is an easy, useful project. It consists of three layers – two layers of fabric with a plastic bag in between. When you dampen the top layer, your dog can enjoy evaporative cooling without getting his fur wet, meaning no “wet dog” smell. You can also place ice packs or ice cubes inside the pockets.

5. Doggy Pool Parties

A kiddie pool can be purchased cheaply at any toy store, and your dog will love splashing around in it all summer. Toss in a few ice cubes, floating dog toys or tennis balls for your dog to chase in the water. You may want to add nonslip bathtub pads to the bottom if it is slippery. Replace the water every few days, and wash thoroughly with hot, soapy water if any slime or mold appears on the bottom.

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