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With the temperature rising, give these creative ideas to keep your dog cool a try.

1. Homemade Frozen Dog Snacks

You’ve probably noticed how much better you feel after eating an ice cream cone on a hot day. Dogs also feel cooler when enjoying frozen treats. Since they have to lick instead of chomp, frozen treats tend to last longer than other snacks, and they keep your dog occupied. You can freeze almost anything to create frozen doggy snacks. Canned dog food, plain yogurt, xylitol-free peanut butter, chopped fruits and veggies, kibble, dog treats, shredded meats, and broth are just a few tasty ingredients that you can use to create your own doggy popsicle recipes. If you’re concerned about your dog eating too many extra calories, simply freeze a portion of their regular meals (adding some broth or stock if you only feed kibble). Freeze ingredients in an ice cube tray or small plastic containers to make snack-size “pupsicles” or fill and freeze your dog’s Kong toy for less mess.

homemade frozen dog snacks

2. Toys On Ice

For another fun cooling activity, try freezing some of your dog’s favorite toys. Get an old ice cream bucket or other large, food grade plastic container and fill it with some of your dog’s rubber or hard plastic toys. Then add enough water to partially submerge the toys and freeze. Once frozen, run some hot water along the outside of the bucket to release the ice block, and let your dog enjoy (outdoors, of course)! Licking and chewing their toys free from the ice will keep your dog busy, happy, and cool. You can also add a some tasty snacks or kibble to the mix before freezing for an extra treat. And DIY isn’t the only option for frozen toys. There are also some great dog toys on the market designed for freezing.

dog licking a block of ice with toys in it

3. Pool Pawty

What better way to cool down in summer than at the pool? A hard plastic kiddie pool can be purchased cheaply at any toy store or big box store, and your dog will love splashing around in it all summer. Toss in a few ice cubes, floating dog toys, or treats for your dog to chase in the water. For your dog’s safety and comfort, keep the water level shallow enough that their head can still be above water when lying down in the pool. You may also want to add nonslip bathtub pads to the bottom if it is slippery. Replace the water every few days, and wash thoroughly with hot, soapy water if any slime or mold appears on the bottom.

dog laying in a kiddie pool with a ball

4. Doggy Sandbox

On hot days, it’s natural for a dog to dig a hole to find cooler dirt to lay in. Consider giving your dog their own sandbox where they can dig to their heart’s content (and so they don’t decide to dig in your garden)! Sand is a great substrate that many dogs love to dig in, and you can even wet the sand down a bit to add to the cooling effect. Choose a shady spot in your yard to place the sandbox to keep the sand from getting hot. You can build a simple sandbox from wood, purchase a plastic sandbox, or use a kiddie pool filled with sand.

dog laying in a sandbox
Maggie-sandbox” by sgilsdorf [CC BY-SA 2.0] / Cropped from original

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