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Too many families’ Fourth of July celebrations are ruined by emergency vet trips and missing pets. Here are some very important Independence day safety reminders from Ready Pet Go, your Maryland & DC professional pet sitting service.

The Safest Place to Be

July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters in the United States. Spooked by fireworks, cats and dogs escape their homes in search for cover.

Shelters are flooded with pet intakes and families looking for their lost pets. Even if your pets don’t normally run away, loud celebrations and neighborhood fireworks could scare your pet into unusual behavior.

If you won’t be home with your pets, make sure they’re indoors – not tied up or left out in the yard. Dogs can become destructive, and may chew, dig or scratch out of anxiety. Create a safe space at home for your pet – a garage, a room, or a crate lined with blankets and toys.

Your pets will be more comfortable if they are not home alone. Consider staying home for new, young, or anxious pets. Playing with your pets or practicing simple commands can keep their mind off the fireworks. If you cannot be home, ask your pet sitter to visit your pets.

Don’t Throw the Dog a Bone

Remind children and adults (especially the grill master) not to give hot dogs, burgers, chicken drumsticks, or, to be safe, any people food to your pets.

Dogs can have appropriate chews and some raw bones, but never cooked bones. Cooked bones can make your dog choke, and can puncture the digestive tract. Many barbecue favorites have ingredients or preservatives that are not safe for pets.

Drown Out the Noise

Turning up the volume on familiar sounds of the TV or radio can drown out nearby fireworks.

Some anxious dogs can benefit sound therapy audio tracks created for animals. Through A Dog’s Ear creates sound therapy CDs for cats and dogs. You can also find soothing music for pets on Youtube and Spotify.

Don’t Lose Your Pets

July fifth is a busy day for shelters. Many cats and dogs, spooked by loud fireworks displays, run away in search for cover. Make sure all tags are up-to-date and microchips with your current address and phone number.

Other Independence Day Pet Safety Hazards

Glowsticks, while not necessarily toxic, sometimes have breakable glass inner tubes. The liquid inside will not poison your cat or dog, but the bitter taste may make them vomit.

Hot charcoal and grill drippings can burn a curious dog. Your dog should be attended AND leashed or tied up until you’re 100% sure you can trust him not to get into mischief. Most dogs can never be trusted to not give into temptations.

Ready Pet Go Has July 4th Covered!

If you won’t be near to keep your pets safe on July 4th, professional pet care is your best option. Ready Pet Go pet sitting services are fully bonded and insured, and all sitters are first aid certified.

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