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We all know that our dogs love to go for a walk. Some go to the door and wait to leave, and others will go get their leash signaling to you that they want to go. Did you know that in addition to being great fitness for them, dog walking also has additional health benefits?

Here a few health benefits of walking your dog:

Weight Control: Walking your dog will help with weight control, which is very important to keep your pet healthy.

Digestive System: Walking can help the digestive system, and help to relieve constipation.

Reduce Hyperactivity: Walking can help to reduce, or even eliminate hyperactivity. It helps by using up extra energy, whereby calming it down, and making it more relaxed at bedtime.

Trust Building: If you have a pet that is uneasy, or fearful, regular walks will help to build trust between the two of you.

Unruliness:  Walking will help to make your pet behave better. By releasing all of its pent-up energy, and curbing your pets unruliness.

Your pet will enjoy many benefits from having a regular walk, but there will be one for you too. While walking your pet, you are also getting the exercise that you need. Both you, and your dog will benefit from regular walks. It’s a win-win situation, so get out there and walk your dog today. You will both be happy that you did.