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Regular walks are important for your dog’s health and well-being. Whether you hire a dog walker or are walking your dog yourself, these are five things all dog walkers have and use.

Leash Belt

A leash belt or hands-free leash system attaches your dog’s leash around your hips, letting you walk your dog hands-free. This means you never have to worry about accidentally dropping your dog’s leash or injuring hand or arm if your dog jerks suddenly on the leash. A leash belt also gives you more control and better balance if your dog does pull because it is worn around your center of gravity. And it has the added benefit of completely freeing up your hands for tasks like training or for when you need to pick up poop.

Treat Pouch

A walk is a great time work on training with your dog, and carrying a treat pouch while you walk makes rewarding your dog easy and convenient. While teaching your dog loose leash walking is the most obvious training exercise to work on while on a walk, you can also work in cues like “sit” or “down” when waiting to cross the street.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important, especially for your dog who wears a coat even in warmer temperatures. A dog water bottle or travel water bowl is a must have in addition to a water bottle for yourself.

Poop Bag Dispenser

Picking up after your dog is the responsible thing to do and it’s the law, so don’t get caught without poop bags! There are a number of different poop bag dispensers that can attach to your dog’s leash or to your leash belt so you’ll never be bagless.

First Aid Kit

Injuries can happen anytime and when you’re on a walk far from home you need to be prepared. Be sure to have at least a small pocket-sized pet first aid kit with you on walks.

What are your essential items to take on a dog walk?