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The days of blindly choosing a new service provider from a phone book are long gone. Today, completing research when choosing a professional is essential and that becomes even more important when it involves the care and well-being of your dog.

Before deciding to hire a professional dog walker, ask plenty of questions of the dog walking service to ensure you are hiring the best professional for both your and your dog’s needs.

  • Experience. Can the dog walker you are considering hiring provide you with verifiable experience? How long has she been a professional dog walker? What other experience with pets does she have?
  • Insurance. Does the dog walker carry sufficient insurance to protect you, your dog, and your home?
  • Reviews and Testimonials. Check online review sites like Yelp and Google for reviews of the dog walker’s company. Reviews from current and former clients can give you an insight into the professional dog walker, including what they like and don’t like about the dog walking service. Many dog walkers feature testimonials on their website which may also be helpful.
  • Pet First Aid. Is the professional dog walker certified in pet first aid and/or CPR?
  • Type of Walk. What kind of walks does the professional dog walker offer – one-on-one or group walks? One-on-one walks typically allow dogs to receive a more personalized experience while group walks allow your dog to socialize with friends.
  • Length of Walk. How long does each walk last? If the dog walker will be taking your dog someplace else, such as to a park or a hiking trail, will the travel time be considered a part of the walk or separate from the walk?
  • Contract. Opt for a professional dog walker who has a contract. A contract provides important information about your responsibilities as a client and your dog walker’s responsibilities as a professional.
  • Extra fees. What happens if you have to cancel a dog walking appointment or a series of appointments? Will you incur an extra fee if you cancel at the last minute? Can you avoid a fee if you cancel so many hours or days ahead of time?
  • Rates. Does the dog walker charge professional rates? Avoid those dog walkers that charge next to nothing because you likely aren’t dealing with a professional. You don’t necessarily want to choose a dog walker based on price but be wary if the rates are lower than professionals typically charge.
  • Emergencies. What happens if your professional dog walker cannot make an appointment due to an emergency, such as illness? Will she send a backup in her place? In addition, what is the dog walker emergency procedures should your dog become ill or injured during an appointment?
  • Booking appointments. How far in advance do you have to book walking appointments? Can you have a standing appointment, such as Monday through Friday at 12:00 pm?

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