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The time just seems to drag on sometimes – for both you and your dog. You worry about your best friend at home, sipping coffee all day so you won’t be too tired to take him for the walk he deserves and craves when you return home. Your dog sits eagerly awaiting your return home so you can go for a long, leisurely walk. You may be exhausted after a long day, but his day is just getting started when you come home.

Return home to a calm, relaxed dog each day and give yourself the opportunity to wind down before you head out on your evening stroll: Hire a professional dog walker.

Here are five benefits of hiring a professional dog walker:

Provide your dog with mental and physical stimulation.

Dogs are often bundles of energy who crave mental and physical stimulation – whether it’s playing tug-of-war or with a favorite toy or going for a long hike in the woods. Most people don’t have the luxury of staying home all day so their dogs don’t always get the necessary mental and physical stimulation. A professional dog walker ensures your dog gets outside for fresh air, socializes, eliminates, and takes a walk that will help him relax until you return home.

Fight off obesity.

Sure, most of us sneak treats to our best buds sometimes. Maybe a little bit of food off of the dinner plate. A bite of your before bed snack. It’s pretty hard to say no to those round, innocent dog eyes looking up, begging for just one more treat. Unfortunately, giving in too much means weight gain. And, a dog who eats too much and doesn’t get sufficient exercise each day runs a higher risk of obesity. A professional dog walker will help ensure your dog gets that necessary activity during the day.

Allow a break in your dog’s day.

Ever try sitting at home alone all day with nothing to do? No one to talk to? It might seem like the ideal day, especially if you’re constantly on the go. But, what if you had to do that every single day? You would need a break – to go outside and breathe in the fresh air and to socialize. Your dog is no different. He needs the opportunity for a break from his routine and that’s just what your professional dog walker will give him.

Prevent behavioral problems.

A bored pooch can very quickly turn into an aggressive, angry dog. Behavioral problems often develop from a lack of activity and socialization. Without sufficient activity, your dog may begin to destroy belongings, may become aggressive toward you, and may start eliminating around the house. Acting out is simply his way of telling you he needs more activity. Your dog will get the daily socialization and activity he needs, while you are away from home, when you hire a professional dog walker.


Your dog is in good hands with a professional dog walker. Now, you can relax and concentrate on the tasks you must complete before you can return home to your beloved friend. After each walk, you will receive an email confirming your pup is safe, happy, and tired.

What is the biggest benefit, in your opinion, of hiring a professional dog walker?