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For many people, the term “dog walker” conjures up the image of a person walking a dozen or so dogs all at the same time. While many pup parents would like their dog to have a mid-day potty break and some good exercise, they’re concerned about their dog being walked with a bunch of other unknown dogs. “Can the dog walker really stay in control of that many dogs?” “What if one of the dogs isn’t friendly?” “What if one of the dogs gets hurt?”

At Ready Pet Go, we share you concerns which is why we only do private dog walks. This means that your dog gets the dog walker’s full, undivided attention on the walk and that we’re able to adjust the pace and length of the walk to suit your dog’s individual needs. This also gives our dog walkers the opportunity to work on loose leash walking and other good manners while they walk individual dogs.

“What if I have more than one dog?”

For households with more than one dog, we’re happy to walk your dogs together or separately depending on what suits them. Generally, walking dogs from the same home together works best, but if, for example, one of your dogs is bigger, younger, or higher energy than the other, we can take them on a shorter walk together then drop one off at your house and take the other on a longer walk.

If you have more questions about our dog walking service or would like to schedule a meeting with one of our dog walkers, please contact us or give us a call at (240) 221-5335.