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If you’ve had a dog for any length of time you already know it: dogs love to go on walks! As soon as your pooch hears the jingle of the leash, no matter how deeply asleep he was or how engrossed he was in another activity, there he is at the door waiting and ready to go. There’s no doubt about it, “go for a walk” is one of a dog’s favorite phrases.

Physical Benefits of Walks

Regular walking provides dogs with numerous health benefits. Walks are great exercise for dogs of all ages and sizes, helping them stay fit, lean, and limber leading to a longer and healthier life. Daily walks are also good for your dog’s digestive system and can aid in relieving occasional constipation.

Mental Benefits of Walks

In addition to improving your dog’s physical health, walking also provides dogs with much needed mental stimulation. New and interesting smells and sights are all around, and going for a walk gives your dog the chance to explore and experience them all.

The benefits of a walk for your dog even continue after you’ve come home and hung up the leash. With his needs for exercise and mental stimulation satisfied, your dog will be more relaxed and well-behaved at home. Regular walks can help decrease hyperactivity and destructive behavior such as chewing, digging, and scratching.

A Dog Walker Can Help!

Love your dog by giving him all the benefits of daily walks, and if you’re having trouble meeting your dog’s daily needs for exercise and activity, contact us or give us a call at 240-221-5335, we’d be happy to help!