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The following are accounts of some of my recent dog sitting visits. Since every dog is unique, no two dog sitting visits are exactly alike either, but hopefully these recaps will give you an idea of what our pet sitters do each time we visit your dog.

Ashley the dog sitter with two labradors Remy and ChestnutRemy and Chestnut

Remy is an 8-year old black lab, and her brother Chestnut is a 1-year old yellow lab. When I arrive, Remy is waiting by the door wagging her tail and wiggling with excitement. I let Chestnut out of his crate (he’s still a puppy and not completely trustworthy loose in the house unsupervised) and then take them both out in the backyard. I grab their harnesses, which causes both dogs to get so wiggly with the excitement of going for a walk that I can hardly get their harnesses on. We take a nice long walk, and both dogs settle down a bit as they get tired. When we get back, we play in the yard a bit more. Then Remy lets me know that it’s dinner time NOW by asking to go back inside and then sitting by the container of kibble looking at me expectantly. So I feed both dogs, and they happily eat their food, wagging their tails the whole time.

Brice the poodle playing with a ball during a dog sitting visitBrice

Brice is a 2-year old poodle, who I swear has springs for feet. When he’s excited he just bounces all over the place. But whenever I first arrive at his house, even if I was there the day before, he’s not jumpy, he’s quiet and hiding. I call to him, and he steps out barking nervously, but doesn’t come any closer. “Brice it’s okay. It’s just me,” I say in a friendly voice. It takes him a minute, but then something clicks in his head, he remembers me, the person who feeds him and plays with him whenever his mom goes out of town, and he quickly changes from reserved and cautious to happy and jumpy. Brice gets his exercise by playing in his yard rather than going for a walk. I grab his favorite orange ball, and we play fetch until he’s good and tired. I feed him his dinner and give him some pets before leaving and tell him I’ll be back later to play some more.

Ashley the dog sitter with two Austrailian shepherds Bailey and AbbeyAbbey, Bailey, and Lulu

Abbey, Bailey, and Lulu are all Australian shepherds. The girls are both 12 and very laid back; they enjoy just going out in the backyard and laying down and enjoying the outdoors while I play fetch with 8-year old Bailey. Well okay, it’s not really “fetch” because although Bailey loves chasing the ball and getting the ball, he will never bring it back to me. He’s happy to give it to me if I walk over to throw it again, though, so I get my exercise along with him. I make sure to give Abbey and Lulu lots of attention too; Lulu especially loves belly rubs and rolls over on her back every time I come over to her. I feed everyone dinner and give them all more pets and belly rubs before I go.

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