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A lone dog howls in the distance as moonbeams dance on excited trick-or-treaters, streaming through neighborhoods in search of delightful treats and wicked tricks. The howling continues in the distance. Perhaps the dog, looking sadly out of his window, has only one wish: To join in the celebration of the creepiest, spookiest, silliest night of the year.

Don’t let your dog howl in frustration this Halloween. Include him in your celebrations. Here are several fun and easy ways to celebrate Halloween with your dog:

Show off your dog’s costume.

Check your community’s calendar (and pet stores and animal shelters) to see if any are hosting a pet costume contest, a pet parade, or even both. If your dog doesn’t mind dressing up, celebrate Halloween the old-fashioned way – by showing him off in his costume in a local pet parade or costume contest.

Host a party.

Most dogs are in the same boat this time of the year. They love being around people and want to join in the Halloween fun. But, not everyone is open to having dogs – no matter how cute they are in their costumes – at their Halloween parties. So, throw a Halloween bash of your own, inviting friends and neighbors – and their dogs – all to dress up, play games, eat treats, and have a ball on Halloween evening.

Go trick-or-treating.

Some dogs relish being the center of attention and mingling in large crowds. If your dog is that type of dog, head out for trick or treating around your neighborhood. Be sure, however, your dog is wearing his identification before you go out. Hold the leash tightly and do not allow him to jump on children or others. Be sure no kind-hearted trick-or-treaters try to give your dog an unhealthy treat; instead, carry treats with you to reward your dog for his good behavior.

Hit the road.

Maybe your dog prefers a quiet evening at home over the excitement of a noisy holiday. Even with your front porch light off, both you and your dog are going to hear the loud, giddy voices of trick-or-treaters passing by. And, you’ll probably get one or two stray kids who ring the doorbell or knock on the door just in case. Spoil yourself and your dog with a quiet Halloween evening by heading out of a town for a quiet night at a dog-friendly hotel. If you’re not up for a long drive, find a pet-friendly hotel in your neighborhood, check in, and enjoy a relaxing evening together.

Cuddle up for a spooky movie.

A simple, inexpensive way to celebrate Halloween with your dog is to pop popcorn for yourself, make a homemade dog treat (you’ll find a ton of healthy dog treat recipes online) for your dog, curl up in bed, and turn on a scary Halloween movie.

How do you like to celebrate Halloween with your dog?