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Squeaky doors and creaky floors. Spider webs falling from the ceiling. A chill in the air on Halloween night, the sound of a lone owl hooting in the distance. The spookiest night of the year is slowly creeping upon us. Kids hit the neighborhoods, hoping to fill bags of candy while adults man the doors, offering silly tricks and delicious treats.

Get caught up in the spirit of the season and don’t forget to ensure your cat joins in on the fun. Here are a few ways to celebrate Halloween with your cat:

Dress Your Cat Up (Or Not)

Sure, your cat might look cute as a princess or pumpkin, but most cats don’t enjoy being draped in clothes. Unless you’re certain your cat won’t mind wearing a costume, opt for a fun, festive Halloween collar for your kitty instead. If you do dress your cat up, try to keep the costume very minimal. Less is more when it comes to cat costumes. Your cat could be a cowgirl with a simple bandana, a dapper gentleman with a fancy bow tie, or might even be willing to wear a short, lightweight cape to be a superhero or vampire. Check your local pet stores, animal shelters, veterinarians, and other pet-related businesses to see if there’s a pet costume photo contest in which you can enter your cat.

Build a Halloween Cat Castle

Everyone knows kitties love boxes! With a little creativity, you can cut and arrange boxes into a spooky castle or haunted mansion for your feline friend to explore. Check out the video below from Cole and Marmalade for some insPURRation:

Enjoy a Play Session with a New Toy

Why should the neighborhood kids have all the fun and get all of the treats? Your cat deserves a treat, too! Buy your cat a Halloween-themed toy and engage in a vigorous play session.

Celebrate the Season with Catnip

It’s the equivalent of your favorite dessert or drink: You love to indulge in it, then kick back and relax. Most cats go crazy for catnip. The smell may send your cat into a frenzy of excitement that may just be followed by the need for a long, relaxing nap, especially if he’s just finished a play session prior to his dose of catnip. If you’re giving out candy to trick-or-treaters this Halloween, ensure everyone has a good time. Before the trick-or-treaters start arriving, surprise your cat with catnip – the perfect way to end a day of celebrating Halloween while you hand out candy.

How do you like to celebrate Halloween with your cat?