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It’s common for indoor cats to exhibit lethargic behavior, which can cause unhealthy weight gain and complicate their health. But how do you make Mr. Whiskers more active? Pet behavior specialists recommend food-release toys to promote physical activity with indoor cats.

If you’re trying to promote active cat behavior, visit your local pet store or an online retailer to search for food-release toys. All food-release toys follow a standard concept; the cat must play with the toy to release food or treats. This encourages the cat to exhibit its natural hunting and problem-solving tendencies. The reward is food payout

How to Use Food-Release Toys

Some cat owners grow concerned about food-release toys. All of those extra treats can contribute to weight gain. The solution is to replace a portion of normal food output and put it into the toy. If you feed your cat 3/4 cup of dry food per day, you can just put 1/2 cup into its bowl, and 1/4 cup into the food-release toy. You can adjust the measurements however you see best, but the idea is to avoid giving the cat extra food. Dry treats can cause your cat to fill up quickly, so just put one or two inside the toy, along with dry food.

Response to New Toys

Some cats may not immediately take to food-release toys. That’s okay. If you fill the food-release toy up in the morning before you leave for work, you might notice that when you come home that the toy is empty. The toy promotes activity when you’re away and can encourage the cat to play and pounce.