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This is a common question we get from our pet sitting clients and a difficult one to give a definitive answer to. Like most if not all pet sitting companies, we schedule appointments on a first come, first serve basis. This means that sometimes you could book pet sitting services the day before you have to leave town, and we’d be available, and other times week could be completely booked up weeks or even months in advance.

We know that emergencies do come up, and sometimes folks have to leave town on short notice, so for our current clients, we do everything possible to squeeze your pets into our schedule when something like this happens.

However, if you’re planning a vacation or other trip in advance, we recommend booking with us as soon as you know your travel dates. In fact, many of our clients check our availability first before booking their hotel, flight, or any other part of their trip. In general, these are our recommendations for how far in advance to book your pet sitter:

Booking a Pet Sitter for Holidays

Major travel holidays, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Independence Day, are when the demand for pet sitting is highest. We recommend scheduling pet sitting services on major holidays at least one to two months in advance.

Booking a Pet Sitter During the Summer or for a 3-Day Weekend

The summer vacation season and 3-day weekends, like Memorial Day and Labor Day, also tend to be busy times of year for pet sitters. We recommend scheduling pet sitting services at least one month in advance during these times.

Booking a Pet Sitter All Other Times of the Year

For all other times of the year, we recommend scheduling pet sitting services at least two weeks in advance of your travel dates to ensure our availability.

Again, these are just guidelines and not guarantees of our availability. If you’re planning a trip in the near future and would like to check our availability for pet sitting, please contact us or call 240-221-5335.