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Is Adopting a Senior Pet the Right Choice for You?

At shelters, humane societies, and rescue centers, puppies and kittens get swooped up quickly, while senior pets have a harder time getting adopted. Many are euthanized soon after intake, or die without ever having a family of their own. But adopting a senior pet is not just an act of goodwill for pets in need; it might…

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A Quick Guide to Bathing Your Cat

Cats typically keep themselves clean, but even a cat that cleans herself obsessively may need a bath sometimes. Cats with long fur, those that cannot reach every part of their body to keep clean, and cats with skin conditions all may need regular baths. If your cat gets fleas, or is ever covered in a…

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Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Your Dog

Thanksgiving is a holiday which involves giving thanks not only to the people in your life, but everything that’s good in your life. There can never be anything better than having a dog who loves you unconditionally and who can brighten even the darkest days. So when the time comes, here are a few ways…

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10 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Pets

Have you ever stopped to think about all the reasons you are thankful for your pets? Hmmmm….if not, maybe it’s about time you start. We’re here to help with that! Here are 10 reasons you should be thankful for your pets. 1.Your pet is always thankful for you Pets are always happy to see us and…

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Should Your Pets Wear Collars Indoors?

Your pets’ collars, lovingly selected to complement their features and fitted with personalized ID tags, can be a danger to their safety. Approximately 26,000 collar related accidents occur each year, many fatal when the collar closes the animal’s airways long enough to strangle them to death. When You Might Consider Using Collars Indoors Collars with…

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How to Choose Safe Chew Bones for Your Dog

Dogs need to chew. Their wild ancestors used their teeth and jaws to tear apart their prey, and crunched bones into small, digestible pieces. The modern dog does not have to work as hard to eat their meals, but they still have strong jaws and sharp teeth, and the urge to chew. Dogs are often…

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