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What Types of Animals Does a Pet Sitter Care For?


At Ready Pet Go, we provide pet sitting services for all types of pets, including cats and all breeds of dogs, small animals such as ferrets, rabbits, gerbils, and hamsters, reptiles and amphibians, birds, fish, and horses, goats, sheep, chickens, and other farm animals. So whether your pet has fur, fins, feathers, or scales, we’ll…

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Our Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Cancellation Policies


We understand that things come up and plans change. Sometimes clients need to cancel dog walking or pet sitting visits that they had previously scheduled and paid for. We also believe that our pet sitters’ time is valuable. Pet sitters often plan their vacations and time with their family and friends around client schedules. We…

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The Benefits of Using a Pet Sitter for Your Older Dog


Making preparations for your dog’s care while you are away is a stressful process. You not only will miss them, but also find yourself worrying about their daily care. When your dog is a senior, the idea of placing them in a strange kennel with different people watching over them is an even more overwhelming…

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Fun Activities for Indoor Cats


Cats benefit from the safety of an indoor environment which protects them from extreme outdoor weather, predators, and cars. Cat experts say that the average lifespan of an indoor-only cat is double or more than one that spends time outside. However, confining your cat indoors is not without it’s problems, namely boredom and obesity from an…

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Preparing for Your Newly Adopted Dog


Congratulations, you’ve decided to adopt a dog! Having a dog is a wonderful experience and a joy you will treasure your entire life, but before you bring that pup home,  there are several very important things to remember. The first thing you should do is discuss it with your family. A dog is a lifetime…

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How Far in Advance Should I Book My Pet Sitter?


This is a common question we get from our pet sitting clients and a difficult one to give a definitive answer to. Like most if not all pet sitting companies, we schedule appointments on a first come, first serve basis. This means that sometimes you could book pet sitting services the day before you have…

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