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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Pets

Whether you’re single this Valentine’s Day or just want to include your pets on the most romantic celebration of the year, your little loves will feel special with these fun new traditions. Watch a Movie Together Animal-centric romantic movies like Must Love Dogs and Unleashed are perfect for watching while you snuggle with your pets…

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Why Does Catnip Make Cats Go Crazy?

Everyone knows that cats love catnip, but what’s really going on when your cat starts “rolling”? Catnip is a member of the mint family. The stem and leaves contain nepetalactone, an oily substance that seems to emulate feline pheromones. Nepetalactone acts as a stimulant when your cat sniffs it, and they may react by rolling…

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Tips for Volunteering at an Animal Shelter

Volunteering at a shelter is a wonderful way to gain experience, help your local community, and take care of animals in need. All you have to do is call your shelter or stop in to pick up an application. Most are run on donations and depend heavily on volunteers. Ask What You Can Do to…

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Household Items That Are Toxic to Cats

It’s true, curiosity really can kill your cat. Normal, seemingly harmless materials around your home can be lethal to your beloved kitty. Even small amounts of these substances can cause severe reactions, even death. It’s best to keep these items out of your home, or stored where even the most adventurous cat can never access…

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Do Dogs and Cats Actually Need Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil has become incredibly popular in the past few years as a superfood in our own diets. You may take it as a supplement or use it in entrees or desserts. Dogs and cats can enjoy many of the same health benefits from it, including softer skin, cleaner teeth, and increased energy. Generally, you…

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How to Train Your Dog to Stop Begging at the Table

Every meal you bake, every snack you make… someone’s watching you with those big puppy-dog eyes. While some people do not mind if their dog begs at the table, it can be a problem if your dog is barking, pawing at your leg, or annoying your guests. As your dog’s guardian, it’s up to you…

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