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If you’re used to that big smile and wagging tail when you come home, and you love long dog walks in the park, you might find it hard to understand why anyone would ever want a cat – especially after experiencing the love of a dog. The truth is, cats have just as much to offer as dogs, and while they are very different, their love is very unique. It’s worth taking the time to get to know why people love cats so much, especially if you’re going to live with a cat in the future. You really can love both!

1. Cats give signals that are usually respected – and dog people can learn from this.

When a cat hisses, most people back up and give them space. But when a dog growls, they’re often corrected. Both animals give clear signals when they feel scared or uncomfortable, but because a dog is seen as more trainable and biddable, people do not respect their warning signs. No animal can be trained when they’re in distress, and cat people know better than to try to reason with an angry kitty. Dog people, take note – all animals will lash out if their warning signs are ignored, so don’t listen to trainers that tell you that you need to punish your dog for growling, instead of finding a way to reduce their fears.

2. Licks are nice, but purrs have magical healing powers.

Dog people know their dogs are happy when they get that big, sloppy lick on the face. A cat’s more subtle purr is just as effective at showing affection, with the bonus of healing superpowers. Cats purr at 26 Hertz, a level of vibration that actually promotes healing and tissue regeneration in their own bodies and whoever they’re sitting on.

3. Catitude keeps life interesting.

You don’t have to have ever owned a cat to know that they can be jerks. Cats walk all over counters, tip over cups, and randomly attack you when you’re walking by. If a dog shows such disregard for their humans, they’ll be sent to obedience school. While bad cat behavior really can be trained, despite popular belief that they can’t, true catitude is a part of life. Cat people love cats because they have a mind of their own, which makes their best moments all the more precious.

4. Cats can be more dog-like than you might think.

If you’re a dog person who’s switching to cats, maybe because you work long hours or live in an apartment and can’t care for a new puppy, you can find a cat that behaves like a dog. Maine Coon, Sphynx, Manx, and Ragdoll cats are all breeds known for their doglike personalities. Cats can be clicker-trained and respond to positive reinforcement, and some have a natural tendency to fetch. Many cats will greet you when you come home, too.

5. People choose dogs. Cats choose us.

If you adopt a dog and give them love, there’s a strong chance that you’ll become best buddies within a week or two at most. But cats are harder to befriend. Some people have cats for 10 years before they truly form a close bond. It takes a lot of patience to bond with certain cats, but it helps you if adopt a cat that is compatible. Foster owners, shelter workers and rescues typically know their resident cats and can help you find your match.

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