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Halloween can be a great time of fun and frivolity for every member of the family, even the dogs! Why leave them out when you can include them in the fun, right? Not so fast, friends! Before you start planning for the Halloween festivities, there are some things you need to consider in order to keep your pet safe and happy! Neglecting to prepare ahead of time can quickly turn to disaster on Halloween night.

Watch What your Dog Puts in His Mouth

Don’t risk it, never allow your candy dish to be compromised and absolutely never risk your dog’s health by giving them something that seems harmless. Even if it doesn’t contain chocolate and is soft enough to chew, just don’t. All the sugar and additives contained in kids’ candy is terrible for dogs. After your kids come back from trick or treating, dispose of their glow sticks to prevent any potential hazards with your dog. Dogs will naturally try to bite, bury, and play with them. Even though they are non-toxic, the substance is still going to make them sick—not to mention the mess you’ll have to clean up

Keep Tabs on your Dog and Be Prepared if they Escape

Know where your dog is at all times. If you’re on door duty, then have someone keeping watch for you to make sure they don’t get any smart ideas or keep them on a leash while you’re at the door, that way they can still meet the neighbor’s kids while you hand out the treats. No matter how attentive or how good you guard that door, escapes do happen, and it can be very difficult to track your dog in the night. Make sure your dog has up to do date id tags, a reflective collar, and you have neighbors you can call on to help you locate them

Keep Dog Costumes Simple or Off

If you want your dog to wear a costume, make sure it’s plenty easy to remove and that they’re comfortable wearing it. If it doesn’t stay on them all night, then that’s okay, the alternative would be your dog having a bad time or possibly hurt over a restrictive/hot/irritating costume. We know how adorable pets look in costumes, but not all pets love them, that’s just part of being a good owner.

Trick-Or-Treat during the Day

A great way to play it safe this Halloween is to start your treating earlier in the day, when it’s plenty bright outside. This will make it easier to bring your dog along, if you want, and it will make the event much less stressful for dogs left inside the house as the trick-or-treaters come pay a visit.